About Leisure & Corporate Travel

ith Twenty-eight years of management experience in the travel industry,
Leisure & Corporate Travel is able to provide the best quality travel experiences and services by offering an extensive range of travel packages, tours, and corporate objectives.

Because we understand that "people make the difference" we will be your partner in travel through a professional and dedicated workforce to ensure your comfort. We have designed our head office in a way that the corporate section is separated from both the leisure and ticketing sections so as to ensure that we operate at the highest possible standards. We employ a full time group of tour operators, convention coordinators and quality control managers to supervise and guarantee our commitment to quality.

Our comprehensive services for corporate & incentive programs are of the highest quality and perfection.
The experts in our corporate department are capable of organizing different events including conventions, meetings, lectures, golf tournaments and special tours for up to seven hundred guests for several international companies, universities, corporations and organizations to take place either in cairo,luxor or sharm el sheikh or for eighty guests on a cruise on the nile.
Our Egyptologists tour guides are the best, they give personal attention,informations and care for the F.I.T, Individuals,and Groups.

Our leisure department takes special care with regards to families,couples and small groups. A top V.I.P treatment for members of Royal families,ex-presidents,chairman of boards and members of board of directors who want to enjoy a life time vacation away from office is Guaranteed by leisure & corporate travel.
Private Tour guides,Limousines with professional Chauffeurs and a 24 hrs follow up by our representatives is and will be a part of what we offer.

The company's mission is to make sure you obtain what you want from your journey, whether it is culture, adventure, relaxation, or corporate, all with quality and convenience.

That is why Leisure & Corporate Travel offers its clients an unsurpassed level of personalized exceptional travel tailored specifically for their unique needs.

You can trust Leisure & Corporate Travel as we act upon these wise words:
" Well done is better than well said. " ~Benjamin Franklin

Chairman & C.E.O statement